22 March 2019

First Canadian Review

I am happy to share my first Amazon Canada book review.  It is lovely to hear that someone who has actually visited PEI found my book interesting and recommends it.

Self-publishing means that I don’t actually have a physical book shop, so it was fun to find this sweet little place recently and it now resides on my desk.  Hopefully, it will inspire some more writing.

March 20, 2019
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Having visited P.E.I. as a tourist, only in the summer time , I can relive my own memories (of Charlottetown, Anne of Green Gables etc.) through Mae's stories of all the places she has visited. Also living in Ontario, we have experienced many Canadian winters and can relate to her winter time expeditions. Most of all, I picked up a lot of historical facts
that I found extremely interesting. Seems like Mae & Mr. Candytuft enjoyed sharing this new chapter in their lives as much as I enjoyed reading about it.

22 February 2019

Guest Author on The Story Reading Ape

Meet Guest Author, Mae Leveson…

by The Story Reading Ape
Hi, my name is Mae Leveson, and I’m an author. This still sounds strange to my ears, as I’ve never actually introduced myself to anyone as a writer but, now that I’m a published author, I can no longer pretend that I’m writing just for myself – that I don’t care if anyone reads my […]

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18 February 2019

Amazon Review

I was delighted to receive my first Amazon review for Cradle on the Waves and it is such a lovely review that I thought that I would share it here:

5.0 out of 5 starsA place called home...
February 6, 2019 - Published on Amazon.com
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03 February 2019

Green Gables In Winter

I walk up the snow-covered drive between the trees...I pass a couple of barns and see through a gap between them.

I round the corner of the house and find the front door, from which the land slopes gently downhill to a stream at the bottom.  I descend cautiously.

At the bottom of the slope, there is a bridge leading to the Haunted Wood Trail.

I walk onto the snow-covered footbridge with its rustic post and beam fence topped with an icing of snow, and I glance down at the frozen stream below. 

 Red berries stand out in striking contrast against bare winter shrubs.  There is absolute silence in this winter landscape.

I head back up the hill and take some photos before investigating another trail.  The Balsam Hollow Trail heads past the back of the house and through the trees to Lovers' Lane.

I pass trees dusted with powdered snow and a picnic area where the benches are frosted in white.  

I pause to take a photo looking back towards the house. 

I capture a snowy scene of long shadows cast by the trees with the sun low in the sky at this time of year.  The wind shakes the tree branches and large flakes of snow come down.  I pull my hood up to protect my face from the wind and decide it is time to head back to the car. 

Extract from Cradle on the Waves
Copyright: Mae Leveson 2019.  All rights reserved.

23 January 2019

Yes, it’s here!

This is the proof copy of Cradle on the Waves in my hands.  I can still hardly believe that my book is finally in print.  It is a proud moment and the achievement of one of my life goals - to be an author.

My book launched in Canada and the US early last week and went live on Amazon UK at the end of the week.  

I’m still waiting for my first reviews so, if you read it, please take a moment to rate it on Amazon or Goodreads and if you add a written review, it will be much appreciated.

14 January 2019

A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I’ve had a busy few weeks as I’ve been preparing to publish my first book, Cradle on the Waves, which is about a year in my life here on Prince Edward Island.  I’ve learned a lot about self-publishing and acquired a few new skills along the way.  I now know how to format books for publication, both in print and as e-books, how to design a cover, register for ISBN numbers and copyright.  It has been a very steep learning curve and I’m glad that the process is more-or-less behind me.  Now I can concentrate on what really matters and get back to writing.

We’ve had a vey snowy winter so far and lots of storms here in Prince Edward Island.  It has also been extremely cold with a wind chill of minus 30 C when we went out on Saturday morning.  

This is a place that you can visit to find out more about my forthcoming book release, as well as see photos of some of the places that I’ve visited.

One thing that you can be sure of is that you will find the kettle on whenever you stop by for a visit.  Until next time - keep warm!